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Python and Artificial Intelligence

Duration: 5 Days

This course will introduce some of the classical AI programming techniques such as search, backward chaining, forward chaining and rule based programming, It will also provide an introduction to Neural Networks and how they are used in Machine Learning, which is one of the core modern AI technologies. In doing so it will introduce you to some powerful and interesting algorithms that are not in the A Level computer science syllabus, as well as deepening your understanding of the more advanced algorithms that are part of the A Level computer science syllabus.

Artificial Intelligence is not really taught in the A Level Computer Science syllabus but some of the really prestigious universities have world renowned Artificial Intelligence research groups some associated with Computer Science departments e.g. Imperial College and University of Cambridge, and other with e.g. Maths , Psychology , Robotics (Engineering) or Philosophy departments. If you are interested in applying to a top university computer science department and have a keen interest in AI then this workshop can provide you with useful starting points on which to base your further explorations.

Although this is an introductory course as far as AI goes it is quite challenging considered as a computer programming course. As a treat, if you work really hard, you will get a chance to try out a neural network machine learning algorithm on an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 .