First Technology Transfer

Standard and Advanced Technical Training, Consultancy and Mentoring


Practically all of the courses we teach are tailored courses, either based on existing materials or, in the case of advanced courses developed as a part research, part consultancy project.

Rather than having you fill out a detailed form it is probably easier to contact us using the contact information provided below. In many European countries our tailored courses are delivered to groups of individuals from companies and universities as a result of the course details being shared with interested parties via government agencies dedicated to facilitating such things. Unfortunately the UK does not appear to be able to provide such a service

Call or email us:

Technical Enquiries : +44 (0)7739 642996 , email to awe at or andrew dot eliasz at gmail dot com

General Enquiries : +44 (0)7768 140786, email to ajay dot p at btinternet dot com