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Arduino Programming Courses and Workshops

The Arduino project is not only an interactive (embedded) application prototyping system comprising both hardware modules and an integrated development environment, but also a friendly and supportive community. Arduino development systems are affordable and are used in many college and undergraduate courses such as electronics courses, embedded systems programming courses as well as arts courses with an interactive installation development component. FTT has run workshops at UKUUG and Europython that brought back the fun of "playing around" with electronics gadgets to those who participated in them, and has run, on demand, intensive workshops for artists as well as for programmers seeking a gentle introduction to embedded systems.

FTT is convinced that there are great economic opportunities to be realised from the creative use of embedded systems technology, not only by scientists and engineers, but by artists incorporating embedded systems technologies into a whole variety of artefacts. Though some of the resulting creations will be "one offs", others may, very well, be the foundations of whole families of products and entertainment systems not yet dreamt off.

A not uncommon observation of those attending full 5 day, or intensive 3 day courses and workshops is that "working through existing Arduino projects is relatively straightforward, the really difficult part is trying to develop a completely new project from scratch. Undoubtedly this is partly due to the fact that mastering C like languages is not as simple as many imagine, especially when it comes to mastering topics such as arrays, pointers and data structures. Interfacing novel devices to micro-controllers is also far from easy when faced with a new device and its accompanying data sheet.

Custom Courses

To meet more specific training needs, FTT can provide customised applied programming courses and workshops that can include further modules and topics such as, for example, interfacing speech synthesis devices into Arduino applications, extending Arduino via Microchip controller based shields, adapted Arduino courses which cover using the Arduino IDE to work with 32 bit AVR microcontroller or PIC32 microcontroller or ARM Cortex M microcontroller based systems.

These courses can be presented either at your own premises or at our facilities in Carshalton. Custom training can be cost-effective for groups as small as four. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

As well as the above courses FTT can provide tailored modules covering specific aspects of working with the Arduino, and modules that extend the basic Arduino systems. This includes, for example, using Arduino devices as a means of prototyping IoT (Internet of Things devices) as well as modules that involve writing mobile telephone and PC applications that interact and communicate with Arduino based devices e.g.

  • Driving and controlling DC motors
  • Driving and controlling servos
  • Connecting and controlling Arduino devices via mobile telephony networks
  • Arduino ethernet programming
  • Arduino Zigbee application development
  • Arduino Bluetooth application development
  • Building Ad Hoc Arduino based sensor networks
  • FreeRTOS and Arduino ARM Cortex M3 based application development
  • Developing lighting control and display systems using the Arduino
  • Using Arduinos for audio and multi-media applications