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Microchip Programming Courses

These courses cover C and assembly language programming on Microchip 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit microcontrollers. They are now based on the MPLABX IDE and the Microchip XC8, XC16 and XC32 compilers. In the case of C programming courses for the Microchip 8 bit and 16 bit Microcontrollers the C programming courses also cover the use of Microchip Code Configurator where appropriate. In the case of the Microchip 32 bit microcontrollers (PIC32 family) the C programming courses also cover the use of Microchip Harmony. Advanced course modules that are available include modules dealing with embedded operating systems such as FreeRTOS and uCOS III, USB device programming, Embedded Ethernet and TCP/IP programming. For those planning on using PIC Microcontrollers for Internet of Things (IoT) applications we have developed modules covering wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRA and Zigbee. Supporting courses cover DSP and Process Control theory and programming. Where required specialised modules dealing with topics such as bootloaders and multitasking programming idioms both with and without an RTOS are available.

An important feature of our programming courses is that they are pragmatic and also aim to instil sound structured programming practices. Not only do our embedded C and C++ programming courses get students to implement code using a compiler such as XC8 to generate code for a target platform, they also get students to implement those parts of the code that do not need to interact directly with peripherals but are purely logic and data processing based to implement such code on a PC using an IDE such as e.g. Eclipse or Net Beans or Microsoft Visual Studio. Thus students are also exposed to implementing C or C++ programs that run on the PC. This can often speed up the development process considerably as debugging and testing is much faster.

Microchip 8bit Microcontroller Courses

Microchip 16bit Microcontroller Courses

Microchip 32 bit Microcontroller Courses

PC Based Applications for Interacting With and Controlling Microchip Based Embedded Systems

There are distance learning variants of these courses:
This can be a useful alternative where staff cannot be released for a full course. The costs of distance learning courses are considerably less than those of instructor led courses.