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PostgreSQL Programming and Database Administration Courses

PostgreSQL is a fully featured open source relational database. It supports many of the features of large scale commercial database management systems such as Oracle and SQLServer, including an embedded programming language PG/plSQL for coding triggers and stored procedures, database replication and Object-Relational capabilities.
In the last couple of years FTT has run PostgreSQL programming and database administration courses for private and public organisations who, in these times of economic constraint, have chosen to migrate their database oriented applications from Oracle to PostgreSQL. The reason cited being the high cost of migrating from older versions of Oracle such as Oracle 9 to newer versions such as Oracle 11g, for example, or the costs of licensing involved in adding new Oracle server systems.
For many software projects for public organisations, in various European Union countries, directives have been issued to the effect that new projects should embrace open source technologies unless there are good reasons for doing otherwise. There are, in all fairness, situations for which Oracle or SQL Server databases may be the better option, and these will be discusses elsewhere.