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Artificial Intelligence Programming Courses

Artifical Intelligence (AI) as an idea or concept has been around for a long time. In its early days great expectations were raised about the possibilities inherent in AI, which proved to be difficult to realise and led to great disappointments when the large sums of money invested failed to generate the hoped for profits. The "roller-coaster" biography of AI has resulted, in this century (21st) a much better appreciation of the strengths and limitations of AI. The development and availability of technologies and frameworks for handling bit data, being able to store and manage large amounts of data in a distributed form in the cloud and the development of powerful tools and algorithms has made it feasible to envisage AI as being, fundamentally, a "liberatory technology" which can help companies and their employees become more productive, innovative and creative. The founders of FTT and its associate consultants and trainers have for many years championed the potential of AI.

The courses in this section of the FTT training portfolio include courses covering foundational aspects of AI such as programming in Lisp or Prolog and the implementation of various AI algorithms in C++ or Java. Also included here are courses on working with Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks, rule based programming, data mining, natural language processing and machine learning.

Because of the modular nature of FTT's teaching materials it is possible to develop highly tailored courses that focus on specific combinations of tools and technologies and, also, on specific application domains such as e.g. security aspects of data mining, diagnostic and troubleshooting application development, and data mining using tools such a R.

Foundational Courses