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Zephyr RTOS Courses

FTT has been running real time embedded systems programming courses for over 20 years. Over the years it has developed and taught courses for such RTOS systems as VxWorks, Nucleus, ThreadX, QNX, DSP/BIOS, Symbian as well as embedded real time Linux both PREEMPT and Xenomai. Zephyr is a relatively new RTOS developed initially by Wind River Systems but now open source. It is quite a sophisticated RTOS aimed at developers of secure IoT and IIoT applications. It is highly configurable and can be used on systems with limited memory as well as on larger embedded systems. It has an interesting build system that makes use of CMake and ninja/make as well as its own meta build tool called West. The Zephyr project is now part of the Linux Foundation and is being actively used in a variety of real world application.

FTT's Zephyr RTOS - Curriculum is very much "A Work in Progress". As we run tailored courses for various organisations so we get to explore how the many features supported by Zephyr can be applied in real world scenarios, and so new course modules evolve. FTT has designed a structured Zephyr RTOS training program built around the following modules

1. Zephyr RTOS Real Time C Programming - This is a foundational level course which concentrates on programming in C with the various Zephyr RTOS APIs. The focus is on the multi-tasking and inter-process communications aspects of developing Zephyr RTOS based applications.

2. BLE Application Development using Zephyr RTOS and the nRF Connect SDK - This is a foundational level course which concentrates BLE application development using the nRF Connect SDK with Zephyr RTOS. It does not assume any in depth knowledge of either Zephyr RTOS programming or of BLE, but does assume a good working knowledge of C programming.

3. Secure C Programming and IoT/IIoT secure systems development using Zephyr RTOS This course covers the essentials of secure programming in C, cryptographic systems based security and secure networking as applied to IoT/IIoT application development and deployment using Zephyr RTOS.

4. Zephyr RTOS Kernel Build,Configuration and Device Driver Programming This course can be thought of as the Zephyr RTOS equivalent of Programming. It explores details of configuring and building Zephyr Systems and working with the Device Tree. It also explores the strengths and weaknesses of various scheduling strategies and the use of Zephyr on multi-core processor architectures.

Courses are "on demand", currently distance learning, and, can be tailored. Please inquire about the more advanced courses if you are interested.