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FreeRTOS Programming Courses

FreeRTOS is a real-time, preemptive operating system targeting embedded devices. FreeRTOS was developed by Richard Barry and has been widely used in many embedded systems projects running on small embedded systems using processors such as Microchip's PIC32 and, also, processors based on the ARM Cortex M processor architecture. The scheduling algorithm used by FreeRTOS is dynamic and priority based. The primary interprocess communication mechanism used in FreeRTOS is via message queues and binary semaphores. The FreeRTOS strategy for deadlock avoidance is to force blocking processes to timeout. FreeRTOS implements a basic memory management scheme, but this can be replaced by custom memory management schemes if necessary. FreeRTOS applications can use either cooperative or preemptive scheduling, and the scheduler itself can be suspended by any task for any duration of time.

As well as the standard PIC32 and ARM Cortex M FreeRTOS courses described here FTT can provide course modules covering topics such as small file systems,CAN, USB and TCP/IP programming with FreeRTOS. Do contact us if you are interested in such courses.