First Technology Transfer

Standard and Advanced Technical Training, Consultancy and Mentoring

As well as delivering bespoke technical training courses, in response to customer and frealance contractor requests FTT has been developing a range of distance learning courses, coupled with on demand short face to face sessions where required.
Many companies cannot afford to have an entire development or technical support team undergoing extended training, either for resourcing reasons or cost reasons or both. In such circumstances distance learning based on the provision of adapted course materials combined with exercises which are submitted to us by the student and marked by our instructors/tutors, that can be supplemented by short half-day or 1 day face to face sessions may be preferable. The submission and marking of course work provides both the students and FTT with feedback and enables "monitoring progress at a distance". Where companies or organisations wish they can also commission a more formal marking and evaluation of the work submitted by students they have asked to follow a distance learning courses. The bespoke nature of the courses can involve inclusion of exercises and modules focused on specific company project requirements e.g. getting an experienced C++ programmer up to speed with, for example, Java programming and Java persistence using Hibernate and JPA2.

The cost for a standard distance learning course corresponding roughly to a 5 day instructor led course is £450 plus VAT. This includes course materials and email support, but does not include commercial software licences and hardware, which will need to be purchased separately if not already available. The cost for producing a formal course completion report and evaluation will be £150 plus VAT. If required FTT can also provide a formal end of course exam which a company can administer locally and then send the exam papers back to FTT for marking. The price for such an exam will be £150 plus VAT. The cost of a half day face to face tutoring and mentoring session will be £300 plus VAT, and for a full day session it will be £600 plus VAT.

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FTT New Courses
Courses that we have developed in the last year or so, or are actively involved with include

Wireless networking courses for surveillance and monitoring applications

Embedded systems C++ courses for PIC32 and ARM Cortex M developers

Intensive workshops and CPD sessions introducing RaspberryPi, BeagleBone Black, Arduino courses aimed at CAS teachers and FE College Lecturers as well as researchers and laboratory scientists needing an intensive introduction to these devices and systems.

Embedded and Real Time Linux courses for process control engineers.

Robotics and Computer Games in Teaching Initiatives
FTT is also actively involved in fostering and encouraging the use of robotics and computer game programming in schools and higher education, not only as subjects in their own right, but also as technologies that can be incorporated into the teaching of other subjects such as art, psychology, languages and, even, physical education.