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NVidia Jetson Courses

The NVidia Jetson family of microcontrollers is a family of very powerful heterogenous multi-core processors with an NVidia GPU at their heart and 64 bit ARM processors for more routine work. They have many applications not only in autonomous vehicle systems and unmanned aerial vehicly, surveillance and security applications, but also in robotics, control systems, and medical systems.

Making the most of the potential of these processors requires mastering a range of skills. These include

  • Linux command line tools and utilities and shell programming
  • Embedded Linux systems programming
  • CUDA and associated APIs e.g OpenACC and Thrust
  • Open CV
  • Machine learning using neural networks
  • Parallel programming using MPI
  • Parallel programming that combines CUDA and MPI
  • Pattern matching
  • Working with frameworks such as DIGITS and other NVidia libraries
  • ANT Colony parallel programming
  • Genetic algorithms
  • gstreamer
Based on workshops and consultancy FTT has developed the following courses for NVidia Jetson TX processor application developers.