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Assembly Language Programming Courses

Assembly Language Programming is becoming more and more of a rare skill. However, when developing applications on resource constrained devices, or when troubleshooting performance or run-time behaviour issues a knowledge of assembler can be very useful. A knowledge of assembler is also valuable when analysing code for security vulnerabilities, something that is of great concern in e.g. IoT (Internet of Things) applications and in industrial control systems.

Learning assembler is important when attempting to master the instruction set of a particular processor architecture e.g. in order to implement interrupt handlers or processor startup code. It is also useful when having to maintain code written in hand optimised assembler by an "external contractor or consultant". Sadly, it sometimes happens that such code is both poorly structure and "lacking in documentation".

FTT has over the years developed and run a variety of assembly language programming courses covering a variety of 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit processor architectures. These courses are to be found in various processor specific sections of TheTrainingArm web site, and are collected here for ease of reference. In addition to these courses we can provide courses covering AVR 8bit and AVR32 32 bit assembler programming and Intel X86 assembler programming.