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Linux Apache and Tomcat Web Server Curriculum

Linux Web Servers provide a vast share of the internet's web content. As well as the Apache Web Server, which is very good when it comes to delivering static content and developing LAMP web sites, there are Java based servers that are good at delivering dynamic content and running business applications such as Tomcat, Glassfish and JBoss. In addition there are high end commercial application servers such as WebSphere (IBM) and WebLogic (Oracle). In addition there are various content delivery and management systems such as Drupal (PHP based), Zope, Plone and Django (Python based).

The courses in this section are concerned with Apache and Tomcat as well as proxy servers such as Nginx and Squid. The courses are oriented towards Linux based systems, although, tailored courses covering Apache and Tomcat running on either Microsoft Windows or MacOSX platforms are also available.

For those migrating to Linux from Windows server systems these modules can be combined with an extra one day overview module covering basic Linux command line tools and utilities, working with the Vi editor and basic Bash shell programming.

These courses can be presented either at your own premises or at our facilities in Carshalton. Custom training can be cost-effective for groups as small as four. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Tailored versions of these course have been run for organisations such as Nagra Vision, HMRC, US Army TRADOC (Fort Monroe) and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland). Tailoring has included coverage of security aspects of building and deploying web sites as well as performance optimisation of web sites using various cacheing and load balancing strategies.