First Technology Transfer

Standard and Advanced Technical Training, Consultancy and Mentoring

Applied AI with Google AIY Voice and Google AIY Image

Duration: 5 Days

The Google AIY Voice and Video kits represent an initiative by Google to make artificial intelligence more accessible to the maker community. These kits aim to provide makes with the chance to build intelligent devices that see, speak, and understand and then to incorporate these devices, and the underlying technology into inventions and creations of their own.

One way to experiment with these devices is to use the “cookbook recipe” approach and to simply unquestioningly follow the instructions without trying to learn about the various technologies they make use of. This course, however, will not “let you of the hook” quite so lightly. Yes, there will be an element of “putting things together” and actually building these kits and running the demonstration programs that they come with. Additionally we will explore the underlying technologies in more detail, sufficiently so, that if you are imaginative and motivated you should find yourself on the road to travelling down “discovery and invention paths not yet travelled by others”.

This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to training and deploying neural networks. It will provide an introduction to machine learning using neural networks and will introduce Tensor Flow and how it is used to build and train neural networks.

It is hoped that some of the attendees on this course will take the lessons they have learned and run maybe pass on their knowledge via e.g. a small series of lectures and practicals at their School Science Club or as part of Scouting activities in their Scout group.