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Course CSH104 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) C# Programming

Duration: 3 Days

Intended Audience

The course is aimed at Programmers who already know C# and who need to master WCF - both theory and practice


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is an API framework for building distributed .NET applications. It was introduced in .NET 3.0 as a unified toolkit encapsulating Windows remoting APIs (web services, MSMQ, TCP, peer-to-peer ...). This course explores the WCF programming model, binding choices, host options, security issues and the use of declarative markup to specify the underlying communication infrastructure. The objectives of the course are to provide a thorough understanding of, and practical programming experience of the WCF Programming Model, WCF Binding Options, WCF Data Serialisation Options and WCF Security


  • WCF - Foundations
    • Underlying rationale of WCF
    • Overview of the WCF assemblies and core namespaces
    • Adddress, bindings and contracts concepts in relation to a WCF service
    • Intrinsic WCF binding types
    • Configuring WCF bindings programatically and via *.config files
    • Overview of WCF contracts and contractual attributes
    • Using the WCF Test Client and WCF Configuration Editor
  • WCF Hosts and WCF Clients
    • Overview of System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost
    • Self-hosting servcies
    • Endpoints and endpoint configuration
    • Metadata Exchange (MEX) - concepts and configuration
    • Client proxy generation
    • Hosting a WCF service as a Windows Service
    • Hosting a WCF Service in IIS
    • Asynchronous WCF service method invocation using delegates
  • WCF Service Implementation Details
    • ServiceContract and OperationContract attributes
    • Designing WCF data contracts
    • DataContractSerialiszer
    • Versioning of WCF contracts
    • SOAP message formats
    • Mapping CLR exceptions to SOAP faults
  • Stateful WCF Services
    • Concept of a Stateful Service
    • Server Instance Context Mode, ServiceBehavior and OperationBehavior attributes
    • Sequencing method operations
    • WS-ReliableMessaging(WS-RM) - key concepts
    • Configuring and using WS-RM
  • WCF Security
    • Key concepts and techniques for securing data transport
    • TCP-based WCF services security
    • HTTP-bsed WCF service security
  • WCF and COM+
    • Overview of COM+
    • WCF-COM+ interoperability
    • Generating WCF-COM+ service wrappers
    • Implementing COM+ services wrappers
    • Generating client side proxies