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Trac for Users

Duration: 1 Day

Short Summary

This course aims to take users with knowledge of how to use Subversion, but with little or no knowledge of the Wiki, bug tracking and issue tracking capabilities of Trac, or of the use of Trac together with through to being competent Trac users able to create and manage bug and issue tracking, as well as co-ordination of bug and issue tracking with the Subversion version control system.from the Tortoise GUI under Microsoft Windows

Intended Audience

The course will be useful for

  • Programmers working on projects where the version control system is GIT or SVN and the bug and issue tracking system is Trac
  • Web content developers needing to know how to use Trac both in a version control context and in a more general issue tracking context
  • Document authors needing to co-ordinate their work activities and to access Subversion repositories from within the Trac environment
  • System administrators needing to understand Trac and how it co-ordinates with SVN or GIT
  • Teams of application developers and programmers who need to work co-operatively on projects

The course assumes a basic familiarity with computers and the use of computer tools, both via a Gaphical User Interface and (optional) via a command line interface as well as a basic working knowledge of Subversion use. Attendees are expected to be able to

  • Access applications from either command line of using graphical user interfaces
  • Understand file system concepts such as files, directories, permissions, access control
  • Create, move and delete files and directories
  • Work with Subversion or GIT

Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to explain the concepts underlying Trac and its various uses in connection with issue and bug tracking and co-ordinating project activities

  • Usage of Trac in conjunction with the Subversion version control system
  • Strategies for using Trac in a project management and software development, product, or process management context

Key Skills

  • Ability to use the Trac's built in Wiki
  • Ability to track issues using Trac
  • Ability to work with both Trac and Subversion or GIT in a seamless way
  • Understanding how to use Trac as a Project Management Tool

Key Delivery

Instructor led in-house training with a great deal of hands-on practice.

Course Contents

  • The structure, philosophy and capabilities of Trac
    • Overview of Trac and how it works
  • TracWiki
    • Using the Trac Built in Wiki
    • Wiki etiquette
    • Wiki usage scenarios
    • Wiki use problems and how to resolve them
  • TracTimeline
    • Timelines and project management
    • Timelines as a mechanism for providing a historic perspective on a project
  • TracRSS
    • An overview of RSS
    • Using Trac for RSS content syndication
  • Trac Version Control Subsystem
    • Using TracBrowser to browse source code
    • Using TracChangeset to view changes to source code
    • Using TracRevisionLog to view change histories
  • Trac Ticket Subsystem
    • Using TracTickets for issue tracking
    • Using TracReports read and create reports
    • Using TracQuery to carry out custom ticket queries
    • Using TracRoadmap to track project progress
  • Putting it all together
    • Working out a team groupworking and co-ordination strategy
    • Communicating via email
    • Combining Trac with quality control and testing
    • Combining Trac with lean and Six Sigma [optional modulue]
    • Structuring Trac projects
    • Using Trac as a project administration tool