First Technology Transfer

Standard and Advanced Technical Training, Consultancy and Mentoring

Trac Installation and Administration

Duration: 2 Days

Short Summary

This course is aimed at Project Managers, Bug and Issue Tracking Administrators, and System Administrators need a technical understanding of Trac, its installation and its administration

Intended Audience

The course will be useful for

  • System administrators needing to set up, administer and troubleshoot Trac
  • Specialist Trac administrators involved in setting up and managing an extensive issue and bug ticketing framework
  • Technical managers who require and in depth understanding of Trac so as to take the fullest advantage of its capabilities

The course assumes a basic familiarity Subversion and Trac from a user's perspective, as well as a good understanding of system administration for the operating system on which Trac will be installed

Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to cover both the installation of Trac ( and the various subsystems it depends on as well as the technical structure of Trac.

  • access control and user administration
  • project administration
  • co-ordination of project team members via email
  • usage of Trac in a workflow, testing and quality control context

Key Skills

  • Ability to install, upgrade and configure Trac
  • Ability to administer Trac projects
  • Logging, backup of Trac resources
  • Understanding how to use Trac as a Project Management , Quality Control and Workflow Tool

Key Delivery

Instructor led in-house training with a great deal of hands-on practice.

Course Contents

  • The structure, philosophy and capabilities of Trac
    • Overview of Trac and its key components
    • How Trac interacts with email and version control systems
    • Understanding how Trac interacts with its underlying database management systemb
  • Trac Installation
    • Software packages needed to install Trac - Overview
    • Installation and Configuration of Trac
  • Trac Administration Commands
    • Command line level administration
    • Administration via the WebAdmin plugin
    • Using the admin commands
      • Creating and initialising new environments
      • Creating hot backup copies of an environment
      • Resynchronising with the repository
      • Working with permission- adding and removing users and controlling user privileges
      • Manipulating wiki pages
      • Manipulating tickets, their priorities and severities
      • Working with project milestones
      • Working with ticket resolutions
      • Working with components
      • Combining commands into working scripts
  • Trac Permissions
    • Repository browser permissions
    • Ticket system permissions
    • Roadmap permissions
    • Reports permissions
    • Wiki system permissions
    • Granting and revoking permissions
    • Permission groups
  • Customisation. logging and interfacing
    • Understanding the Trac configuration file
    • Customising the Trac interface
    • Installing and managing Trac plugin extensions
    • Setting up and managing email notification
    • Logging and its effective uses
  • Workflow
    • Overview of Workflow concepts
    • Understanding the Trac Workflow State Machine model
    • Workflow customisation
    • Adding testing with Workflow
    • Adding workflow states to Milestone Progress Bars
    • Introduction to more advanced ticket workflow plugins
  • Putting it all together - Management Issues and Scenarios
    • Working out a team groupworking and co-ordination strategy
    • Communicating via email
    • Combining Trac with quality control and testing
    • Combining Trac with lean and Six Sigma [optional modulue]
    • Structuring Trac projects
    • Using Trac as a project administration tool