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C programming on the RaspberryPi - part 2

Duration: 5 Days

This workshop builds on the foundation of the part 1 workshop and develops the knowledge and understanding needed to develop advanced C applications running on embedded Linux systems as well as other computers running Linux. It introduces a number of important algorithms and their associated data structures. These include singly and double linked lists, binary trees, hashing and heap algorithms. Understanding of how these algorithms are implemented in C will also help understand their implementation in other languages such as Python and cover all the algorithms students doing A Level computer science are required to know about.

In addition this workshop will explore the C Posix API, the programming interface used to interact with the underlying Linux operating system. Here we will cover multi-tasking and multi-threading, and network programming using TCP/IP.

Knowledge gained in this workshop should also provide a good head start for students who will be required to master programming as part of their engineering, physics or electronics degree courses.