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Qt5 GUI Programming with Python

Duration: 5 Days

Course Overview

Python and one of its QT bindings, PyQT, has changed the face of GUI development. PyQt makes it possible to prototype and develop attractive and powerful GUIs faster then coding them using C++ with Qt5. Using the QT Designer tool it is possible to develop GUIs in a visual manner, using drag and drop to add and position widgets. The QT Designer-generated code can then be converted into pure Python code.

This course is for those who are already familiar with Python programming and wish to extend their skills to design and develop cross platform GUIs. The course will provide an opportunity to explore the various Qt widgets that are available, techniques for controlling the layout of widgets as well as styling techniques. The course will also cover the implementation of GUIs to connect to SQL databases. The course will be based on PyQt5.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Qt5 and PyQt5
  • Installing PyQt5 and QtCreator
  • Requirements Analysis and GUI Design
  • Overview of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and GUI Design
  • Overview of the PyQt5 Framework
  • Introduction to PyQt5 GUI Building
    • Overview of PyQt5 Widgets
    • Adding Widgets to the GUI
    • Widget Layout
  • GUI Design with Qt Designer
    • Adding Widgets with Qt Designer
    • Qt Designer Widget Layout
    • Converting the Qt Designer UI Code to Python Code
  • Enhanced GUI Building
    • Calling Dialogs from the Main Window
    • Decoupling Python Code from Generated UI Code
    • Modular Approaches to Building a Complex GUI with PyQt5
    • Multi-threading and Responsive GUIs
    • Adding Drag and Drop Capabilities to a GUI Application
  • Advanced Qt5 Programming Techniques
    • Using the OpenGL Graphics Library in Qt5 Applications
    • Networking and TCP/IP Sockets programming
    • SQL Database access
    • Animation Techniques
    • CSS Styling
    • PyQt5 ‘Signals and Slots’ Event Handling Mechanism
    • Displaying Google and Qt5 Maps
    • Creating iPhone and Android Apps with Qt5

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