First Technology Transfer

Standard and Advanced Technical Training, Consultancy and Mentoring

Introduction to PHP 5 MySQL Programming

Duration: 3 Days

Intended Audience and Prerequisites

The course is aimed at Linux and MacOSX and Windows Users, Web Developers and Programmers who need to create web based systems using PHP and MySQL. Attendees are assumed to have a sound basic working knowledg of PHP


This course provides a thorough introduction to developing/maintaining HTML/PHP code that utilizes the MySQL Database system. It teaches

  • Installation and Testing of MySQL
  • Basic SQL Syntax
  • How to Connect to a MySQL Database with PHP and how to check for Connection Errors.
  • How to implement PHP code to Interact with a MySQL Database
  • How to effectively use PHP within the HTML Environment
  • How to work with Email and Cookies
  • How to make PHP code that interacts with MySQL more secure.


  • History and Overview of PHP
  • MySQL
    • Installing MySQL
    • Testing a MySQL Installation
  • Introduction to SQL - Basic SQL Statements
    • Creating Databases and Tables
    • Inserting Data into Tables
    • Viewing Tables
    • UPDATE
    • Drop
  • Connecting to MySQL from PHP
    • mysql_connect
    • mysql_error
    • mysql_select_db
    • Die
  • Using PHP to Carry Out Database Functions
    • Inserting Data into the Database
    • Creating Queries
    • Executing Queries
    • Processing the Returned Query Data
    • Updating the Database
  • Generating HTML using PHP
    • PHP Inside HTML
    • Implementing an HTML Form with Embedded PHP
    • Handling Multiple HTML Pages/Forms with PHP
  • Handling Email and Cookies using PHP
    • Generating Email using PHP
    • Generating Cookies using PHP
    • Working with Cookies
  • PHP and Database Security
    • Designing Databases
    • Connecting to the Database
    • Encrypted Storage Model
    • SQL Injection
    • Security Techniques
    • Error Reporting
    • Safe Handling of User Submitted Data