First Technology Transfer

Standard and Advanced Technical Training, Consultancy and Mentoring

Enriched preparation for PAT with Python

Duration: 5 Days

Quite a few prestigious UK universisties are asking for more than simply good A Level grades when selecting students for some of their courses. The Oxford Physics Aptitude Test is a requirement for those wishing to apply to read Physics or Engineering at Oxford. Obtaining a good score in the PAT exam will also be looked upon favourably by other universities and may very well help secure a place in the face of stiff competition for places on courses for which there is great demand. The PAT exam is normally taken in term 4 of the 6th form. This workshop is not a “PAT cramming” course. Although many of the topics that will be tested in the PAT exam will be covered in this course the idea underlying the course is to expose those attending it to the potential of computer simulation and computer assisted mathematical computation and data analysis in the study of modern physics and engineering.

As well as learning quite a lot about the use of Python for scientific computing students on this course should come away with some very interesting examples and ideas for possible research that could well turn an interview for a university place into an enjoyable discussion with members of the interview panel, and also provide a repository of questions to ask to assess whether the university you are applying for is necessarily the best university for you to develop your scientific interests.

The level of the course will be pitched at level that should have been achieved at the end of the first year 6th. The “fun” part of the course will be exploring the use of the PyGame 2D physics engine, and, if there is time, a brief exploration of the Panda3D game engine. The course assumes a good basic knowledge of Python programming such as might have been acquired studying GCSE Computer Science and AS Level Computer Science.