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JIRA for Users

Duration: 1 Day

Intended Audience

This course is aimed at JIRA end users who are new to JIRA and need a practical introduction to gain confidence and understanding in the use of JIRA.

Course Overview and Objectives

JIRA is a Java based web application that provides project and issue tracking for improving the agility of software development. This instructor-led course covers the use of JIRA in the context of software planning, tracking and releasing.
On completing this course attendees should
  • Understand the concepts and functionality behind Jira's user interface and workflows.
  • Be able to add, modify, clone, link, and prioritize issues
  • Know how to progress issues through the complete workflow
  • Be able to perform searches
  • Be able to manage and customize screens and filters
  • JIRA - Overview and Key Concepts
    • Change and Defect Tracking in Project and Support
      • Introduction to JIRA
      • Issues
      • Projects and Project Lifecycles
      • Workflows
    • Exploring JIRA
      • Exploring the JIRA workspace
      • Managing your user profile
      • Navigating JIRA
      • Create a dashboard
    • Introduction to Issues
      • Issues Types
      • Fields
      • Creating an Issue
      • Viewing Issues
      • Editing Issues
      • Attachments
    • Introduction to Workflows
      • Steps
      • Transitions and Screens
      • Identifying current status
      • Identifying possible transitions
      • Moving through workflows
      • The Workflow Viewer
      • Progressing Issues
    • Collaboration
      • Collaboration - overview
      • Commenting on Issues
      • Sharing Issues
      • Mentions
      • Using @mentions
      • Voting
      • Watching
    • Searching and Filters
      • Quick Search
      • Basic Search
      • Advanced Search (JQL)
      • Issue Navigator
      • Detail View
      • Creating and configuring Filters
      • Shared Filters
      • Email Filter Results
      • More advanced Searches
    • Reporting
      • Standard Reports
      • Custom Reports
      • Utilizing Reports