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Bitcoin mining and cryptography using a RaspberryPi cluster

Duration: 5 Days

In this workshop we will explore the art of developing robotics applications in C. The platform we will use will be the BrickPi which makes it possible to construct robots using Lego components and use the RaspberryPi as the brains that “will drive the Lego brawn”.

The programs and algorithms explored in this course will be concerned with solving practical problems such as search, navigation, path planning and object recognition. This will also involve exploring motor and servo control, image processing using OpenCV and consideration of multi-tasking.

For the image recognition section use will be made of the RaspberryPi camera and OpenCV

Knowledge gained in this workshop should also provide a good head start for students who will be required to master programming as part of their engineering, physics or electronics degree courses. Furthermore, an ability to talk intelligently and confidently about robotics and programming in C will certainly come in useful in university interviews as well as “vacation job” interviews for jobs that are a cut above “stacking shelves in your local supermarket”.

This course assumes a good knowlege of C programming, such as might be gained by attending parts 1 and 2 of our RaspberryPi C programming courses.